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David Kelley Smith

David Kelley Smith is a staff writer at MAUIWatch. He is a recent graduate of the University of Hawaii at Manoa holding bachelor degrees in both Political Science and American History. David was also a staff writer for the student paper Ka Leo O Hawaii and is now covering community and political issues in Maui County.

OPINION: The Divisive Debate

For Halloween I was a Monsanto field worker. I wore a full body hazmat suit with a breathing apparatus and safety goggles. I also carried a spray bottle filled with a mixed drink of Grey Goose and Poweraide. The result was a lesson of sorts. At one point I literally had to tell a man to leave me alone because …

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Blue Tarp And The Flow

Another tarp has appeared over the first drain in iconic Iao stream. It is unknown if the same group of people are responsible for the latest covering. Although the blue tarp only covered a small section of the drain it managed to significantly increase the flow of the river over the drain. The tarp was being held down with large …

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The struggle for the flow of Na Wai Eha

Apparently sometime last week unknown figures covered the lowest drain in Iao stream, reportedly with a plastic tarp. The drain, which can be seen from the bridge on Market Street in Wailuku, creates a disruption in the flow of the river from mountain to sea. The drain feeds the river underwater, and has it re-emerge several hundred feet down stream …

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What Farming Ban? The Maui GMO Initiative, herbicides and the Rainbow Papaya

Recently, a well-funded political action group named the “Citizens Against the Maui County Farming Ban,” or CAMCFB, has been very vocal in the local Maui county community, leaving many Maui residents wondering what exactly the “Farming Ban” is. A non-profit group, the organization has propagated multiple TV commercials and has sponsored a news letter signed by local Maui figures, calling …

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