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GPS Pendant Alerts police to Find Couple in Apparent Murder-Suicide

At about 10:58 a.m. on Friday, after receiving a call from GPS Pendant Alarm, Maui Police Department officers were dispatched to a Kihei residence.

GPS Pendant Alarm reported that while communicating with a subscriber via phone they heard what sounded like gunshots.

Police conducted checks at the subscriber’s residence in Kihei; however, the residence was unoccupied. GPS Pendant Alarm was able to track the subscriber to an area off of Maui Veterans Highway, at which time police discovered a deceased 96-year-old male and a 95-year-old female within a vehicle, both suffering from apparent gunshot wounds. 

Preliminary investigation at this time reveals that this was an apparent Murder-Suicide.

 The investigation is currently still on-going.



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