Two More Deaths and 236 New Cases of COVID-19

An O‘ahu man, older than 60-years-old and a Lānaʻi man, 40-59 years old raise Hawai‘i’s COVID-19 death toll to 45. The O‘ahu victim had an underlying health condition, was hospitalized and passed away on August 15. The Lānaʻiman also had underlying health conditions and had been hospitalized on Maui. His death is believed to be travel related. 230 of the newly reported COVID-19 cases today are on O‘ahu, with five (5) on Hawai‘i island and one (1) from Maui for a total of 236 new cases.  

Hawai‘i COVID-19 Counts as of 12:00 noon, August 20, 2020     

Island of Diagnosis     New Cases     Reported since      2/28/2020      (including new cases)     
O‘ahu     230 5,340  
Hawai‘i     164  
Maui    261 
Kauai    0  54  
Moloka‘i     0   2   
Lana‘i     0   0   
HI residents diagnosed outside of HI    0   23   
Total Cases     236 5,844++  
Deaths     45 

++ As a result of updated information, one case from Maui was recategorized to O‘ahu, and one case from O‘ahu was removed from the counts.  

Hospitalization count as of 8/19/20 at 5:30 pm: 3-Hawai‘i, 16-Maui, 144-O‘ahu,2-Kaua‘i   

Laboratory* Testing Data     

There were 2,512 additional COVID-19 tests reported via electronic laboratory reporting.  

Total Number of Individuals Tested      by Clinical and State Laboratories     Positive     Negative     
171,184**     5,844 165,317   

*Electronic Laboratory Reporting **23  test results were inconclusive     



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