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Maui Police Issued Three Citations for Illegal Fireworks Over July 4

More than a dozen Maui Police Department Officers, in various locations on Maui, took part in a Fireworks Enforcement Detail over the 4th of July weekend.

As a result, a total of:

3 Fireworks violation citations were issued

18 cases were generated and

26 aerial fireworks were recovered and submitted as evidence.

One of the cases generated was a Fire Report out of Lahaina. Officers responded to a brush fire north of the Hooli Street and Leialii Parkway intersection. Upon arrival, officers were able to extinguish the fire. Investigation revealed that a 50’x50’ area of dry brush had burned as a direct result of fireworks. No property or monetary damages were sustained and no injuries were reported.

The Maui Police Department would like to thank the community members that took the time to report the use of illegal fireworks, as it assisted officers in their enforcement efforts.



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