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Coronavirus Cases in Maui Jump to 11

As of March 23, 2020, there is a total of 77 presumptive or positive COVID-19 cases in Hawai‘i. 61 of these cases involve Hawai‘i residents and the majority (49) are on O‘ahu. Travel or contact with a traveler is the risk factor in 47 cases, and only one case has no travel history. The cause of the virus in 29 cases is unknown. Please note, that as the number of cases rises daily it may take health professionals longer to investigate possible sources for individual cases.

Hawaii COVID-19 Counts As of 3/22/2020 at 12:00 Noon
  Reported 3/22/2020 Reported since 2/28/2020
Total Cases 21 77
HI Residents 13 61
Non-HI Residents 3 11
Unknown 5 5
County of Diagnosis    
Honolulu 12 53
Hawaii 2 5
Maui 2 11
Kauai 0 3
Unknown 5 5
Age Group    
Adult (>18 yrs) 21 75
Pediatric (0–18 yrs) 0 2
Hospitalized 1
Not hospitalized 0 23 
Unknown 20 50
Risk Factors    
Travel 1 47
Community 0 1
Unknown 20 29

More than 3,300 tests performed for people in Hawai‘i by private clinical labs to date.

The DOH State Laboratories Division has tested 103 Persons Under Investigation (PUI) and 263 sentinel surveillance samples. The 263 sentinel surveillance tests have all been negative. These are representative samples taken from every county from people with flu-like symptoms who tested negative for influenza.

Private laboratories are receiving steadily increasing numbers of test samples and this has created some delays in the processing of test results. Test results from private laboratories are currently taking approximately a week or more to complete and health care providers and their patients should expect results may take longer as demand continues to increase.

Definition of Community Spread

Community spread is defined as cases that cannot be traced back to a traveler and have absolutely no travel related or involved connection with travel. We have been informed that there are residents of Hawai‘i who believe all COVID-19 positive cases originate from visitors to the state. Unfortunately, there is stigma developing against visitors in Hawai‘i. We’re asking the media to help people understand that of the 77 positive test results to date, 47 of them are the result of traveling residents. The majority of cases are residents who returned home after traveling. At this time, there may be residents returning home from a school that has closed or from other essential travel. It is important for all travelers to monitor their health for 14 days after traveling and to avoid exposing others and stay at home.



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