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Off-Road Vehicle Damages Silverswords and Trail at Haleakalā’s Summit

On the morning of Saturday, September 28, Haleakalā National Park law enforcement rangers observed tire tracks leaving the paved road at Haleakalā’s summit. 

The investigation revealed that a single vehicle had driven off the road, killing several Haleakalā Silverswords (Argyroxiphium sandwicense subsp. macrocephalum), a Federally listed Threatened plant that grows nowhere else in the world. 

Park officials say the vehicle also destroyed part of the historic Keonehe’ehe’e trail, built by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in 1934.  The National Park Service believes this incident took place late Friday night or very early Saturday morning.

 “Those responsible not only killed a federally protected species and damaged a historic resource, but also impacted the scenery at the summit for years to come,” Stated the park’s Chief Ranger Ari Wong. “Those tire tracks in the cinder will take years to disappear,” Wong added.

The National Park Service is asking for the public’s help in identifying those who caused the damage. Please call Haleakalā National Park Law Enforcement at (808) 985-6170, or the National Park Service tip line at (888) 653-0009.  Callers can remain anonymous.



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