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MAYORWatch: When Will the Skate Park at Kalama Park Reopen?

Mayor Michael Victorino answers weekly questions submitted to his office staff.

Question: When will the skate park at Kalama Park reopen?

Answer: Our Department of Parks and Recreation informed my staff that the planned improvements to the Kalama Park skate park have been substantially completed.

However, due to the unsafe condition of the existing wood vert ramp and half pipe, a temporary wall will need to be constructed between the two aspects of the skate park. When completed, the wall will enable the newly redesigned and renovated concrete skate park to be safely utilized by our community.

A determination will be made on a course of action to deal with the condition of the wood ramps.  The department anticipates being able to open the concrete portion of the skate park in late October. Mahalo for your time and question.

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