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The Donut Boy Visits Maui Police

From L-R Deputy Chief Dean Rickard, Chief Tivoli Faaumu, Tyler Carach, Asst. Chief Sterling K.

The Maui Police Department was visited today by Tyler Carach an 11-year-old boy from Florida who is out on a mission.  Over the past 3 years, Tyler has gone to police departments throughout the nation to pass out donuts to thank every officer in America. 

Tyler’s mother, Sheena Carach, said

“Tyler began a mission to thank every Police Officer in America in August 2016. While we were at a local store, he saw four deputies and asked if he could use his allowance money to buy them their favorite snack…donuts! After doing so, he asked why the Officers were so excited over a snack and I explained that unfortunately a lot of people choose to judge a whole by a few and because of that some people were not very kind to Officers and even tried to hurt them. I explained that you can never judge a whole by a few because there is no group that is 100% perfect and the Officers were super excited about the snack because they were happy to be appreciated. It was at that moment, Tyler decided he wanted to do more for the Officers. He told me he was going to thank every single Officer in America and give them each their favorite treat…DONUTS…or power rings as some may call them! Tyler was passionate about his idea and we agreed to help him by starting locally and seeing what happened…Fast forward to 2019, a little over 2 years into his program, 49 states and over 90,000 donuts later and this little donut boy is still doing what he does best…thanking his heroes and best friends for the sacrifices they make daily for total strangers.”  Tyler has said he someday wants to be a K-9 officer.

Hawaii is his 50th State.  He began with visits to Honolulu Police Department and Hawaii Police Department.  Tomorrow he will be headed to Kauai PD to spread his message of appreciation for what Police Officers do.

Chief Tivoli Faaumu said, “We thank Tyler for everything he has done, and commend him for all of his accomplishments. We look forward to welcoming him into the ranks of the Maui Police Department someday.”



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