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Minimal El Nino Conditions Anticipated, Stage 1 Water Shortage Continues for Upcountry

According to the El Nino Southern Oscillation website, current El Nino weather conditions are near zero, meaning no or minimal warming of the seas are predicted in the coming months. With El Nino in an anticipated neutral stage, the Department of Water Supply is hoping for near-normal weather patterns in the coming months.

The Stage 1 water shortage declared for Upcountry Maui by the DWS on May 24, 2019, will continue at this time, and while most of Maui County is considered to be in drought or near-drought status, storage for DWS reservoirs that provide water for Upcountry treatment is adequate. The two Upper Kula raw water reservoirs at Kahakapao, with a total storage of 100 million gallons, are at about 70% storage capacity. The Pi`iholo raw water reservoir in Lower Kula, with total storage of 50 million gallons, is near 100% capacity. The additional Upcountry reservoirs at Waikamoi feed directly into the Kahakapao reservoirs.

The Department thanks Upcountry residents for their ongoing efforts at conservation. Customers may check water levels by clicking here.



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