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Kalahaku Overlook Area Management Environmental Assessment Plan Approved

Courtesy of the National Park Service - Haleakala National Park

A Finding of No Significant Impact has been signed for Haleakalā National Park’s Kalahaku Overlook Area Management Environmental Assessment. Kalahaku Overlook is located at 9,324 ft. on the Haleakalā Crater rim and provides unobstructed views east into the crater and west overlooking the island of Maui. The overlook is one of four locations in the park where visitors gather to watch sunrise and sunset and enjoy broad crater vistas. 

The National Park Service will implement Alternative 2: Improve Existing Features and Add Open Air Viewing Areas as funding becomes available. The Kalahaku Overlook Area project was designed to improve visitor enjoyment and safety while reducing adverse impacts to natural and cultural resources.  The approved plan proposes:

·         additional trail delineations, installation of pathway lighting, installation of signage, and improvements to the parking area;

·         improvements to the Silversword Trail, adjacent rock wall, and stairs;

·         installation of two new viewing areas along the Crater rim;

·         installation of an interpretive wayside exhibit that conforms to Architectural Barriers Act Accessibility Standards code requirements. 

A copy of the Environmental Assessment and decision document will be available at the Planning, Environment, & Public Comment website.



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