MAYORWatch: Will the County Place Signs to Protect Bicyclists?

Mayor Michael Victorino answers weekly questions submitted to his office staff.

Question: The Safe Passing 3 Foot Bill, which requires drivers to keep a minimum of 3 feet between their vehicle and bicyclists while passing them, has been an official law since July 2, 2018. However, from riding daily on the roads here it seems that the motorists, commercial trucks and buses have not gotten the message that this law exists. In the mainland, there are signs up all over the roads in their states. Is there a plan to place signs up here on Maui? If so, when? Also, if we do encounter a dangerous pass (less than 3 feet) and we have video of this incident, can we take this video to the police for action against this motorist?

Answer: Mahalo for this important question on road safety and protection of our bicyclists.

Since this is a state law, we have been following the lead of the Hawaii Department of Transportation. My staff has been told that they don’t have any current plans to install signs related to this law, but are reminding the public that May is National Bike to School Month and hope to increase awareness of this new law.

So far, the Maui Police Department is not aware of any complaints regarding this new law and it does not appear that the courts have received any cases either. However, the department takes this issue seriously and encourages drivers and cyclists to safely share the road with all users.

Having a video may help police take action, but you also would need to prove the distance was less than three feet, get the license plate of the vehicle and identify the driver as part of your complaint. I am told, though, that there may be problems enforcing this law on many of Maui County’s narrow roads where drivers do not have adequate room to give bicyclists without crossing into the opposite lane.

I am disappointed to hear that Hawaii is one of the worst bicycle-friendly states in the U.S., but I can tell you that Maui County is helping to lead the charge in improving bikeways as well as walkways.

I recently returned from a four-day trip to Georgia for a series of intensive classes on promoting walkability through policies, systems and environmental support. I joined Maui Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Executive Director Lauren Armstrong, Long Range Planning Division Administrator Pam Eaton and Public Works Traffic Engineer Nolly Yagin as their required elected official.

Maui MPO is currently working on the Hele Mai Maui 2040 Transportation Plan, which includes multiuse paths and Complete Streets that make it safe and comfortable to walk and bike around the island. Two federally funded projects set to move forward in the next couple of years are the West Maui Greenway multiuse path, with a first phase being planned for Kapunakea Street to Lahaina Civic Center, and Onehe ʻe Avenue Complete Street that fronts Kahului Community Park and connects people to housing, schools, shopping and recreation. Both of these projects will include dedicated space for people walking and biking.

Maui Bicycling League (MBL) is hosting a series of group bike rides on third Saturdays with support from Hawaii Tourism Authority, with the goal to promote bicycling as a fun activity for residents and visitors. Riding in small groups and following traffic laws is a great way to safely enjoy Maui’s scenery and show demand for expanding our multimodal network of bike and pedestrian-friendly facilities.

For more information on the group bike rides, click here. For more information on the Maui MPO and its initiatives, click here.

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