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Details Emerge in Amanda Eller Rescue

At about 3:45 p.m. on Friday, a female was spotted in the area of Kailua reservoir by searchers in a helicopter.

The Maui Fire Department responded and were able to extricate the female, who was identified as Amanda Eller.

Eller was reported missing on May 9.

Maui Police Department officials say Eller was alive and transported to the hospital for evaluation. Police are in the process of interviewing her and documenting injuries as part of their investigation.

MPD officials say the case is considered closed.

“We are overjoyed to learn that she has been found,” said Mayor Michael Victorino. “We hope and pray that she and her family will fully recover from this ordeal. This search and rescue was truly a community collaboration of Maui County first responders, family, friends and community volunteers. I extend my deepest appreciation for everyone involved in searching for and locating Amanda. Your work, determination and sacrifice has helped return her to her loving family. God bless them all.”



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