St. Anthony hit by vandals for second time in a month

For the second time in three weeks, Saint Anthony’s Church in Wailuku on Maui was vandalized. 
It happened overnight and Sunday was Easter Sunday, one of the most important holidays in the Catholic culture.

Some of the damage included writing on the walls and scattered debris.

“It baffles me that people would come and trash our chapel because our chapel is used during the day when people pray and they really use it and light candles, great devotion,” Pastor Roland Bunda, Saint Anthony’s Church, said. 

One churchgoer who has gone there every Sunday since the 1980s says she was shocked criminals struck her place of worship again. 

“This is the biggest day of the year in our church. Jesus’ Resurrection, concurring death and then we hear this news this morning and we find out what’s happened and we’re just back to being devastated again and crushed but we’ll forgive,” Katherine Paet, churchgoer, said. 

Three hundred children go to school at St. Anthony’s. There is security on campus during the day but none on the property at night.




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