MFD Responds to Boat in Distress Off West Maui

At 7:16 a.m. on Friday, Maui Fire Department firefighters responded to reports of a boat in distress approximately 25 minutes out from Mala Boat Ramp and heading toward Molokai.

Engine 3 responded by land towards the Kaanapali area, and Ladder 3 aboard Rescue Boat 3 launched from Mala and headed in the same direction by sea. The United States Coast Guard was also dispatched to the area.

Rescue Boat 3 was able to make contact with the vessel approximately a mile outside of Kaanapali. Fire personnel confirmed the vessel was taking on water and had ten people on board. The vessel was still making progress and heading back towards Mala Boat Ramp.

The Coast Guard transferred some of the passengers to their boat, and the vessel was escorted back to Mala Boat Ramp safely under its own power.

Once the vessel was safely tied off to the dock, Fire and Coast Guard personnel assisted with extracting water.

The parties on board are believed to be Molokai residents. It is not yet known what caused the vessel to take on water.

There are no injuries to report, and the vessel was later loaded on to a trailer at Mala Boat Ramp.



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