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MAYORWatch: Why Aren’t Fast Food Restaurants Abiding by the No Plastic Straw Standard?

Mayor Michael Victorino answers some of the most-asked questions submitted to his office staff.

Question: I understand there was a huge push for no straws on Maui to save the turtles, which is great! All the restaurants have followed suit, but Starbucks and all the fast food restaurants still give out straws. Why aren’t they held to the same standard?

Answer: Mahalo for the question and I’m assuming you’re referring to plastic straws. As much as I support environmental protection and sustainability, private companies have a choice on whether they want to use plastic straws.

There has been a push to eliminate all single-use plastic packaging in Hawaii and the state Legislature is looking at establishing a plastic source reduction working group within the Department of Health. Senate Bill 522, in its current form, aims to develop strategies to encourage reuse in the food service industry, such as reusable container incentive programs for customers, and provide recommendations for composting plastics in Hawaii to encourage reuse of waste and create value-added products to be used in regenerating Hawaii’s agricultural potential.

The working group would then consult with each county that has already enacted ordinances related to single-use plastics such as plastic bags and polystyrene foam containers and develop recommendations for the implementation of a uniform statewide policy for these items that can replace existing county ordinances and provide businesses with laws that are consistent throughout the state. The bill also calls for establishing a solid waste prevention coordinator, who would be funded through the deposit beverage container deposit special fund.

For assistance in submitting testimony on SB 522, please call (808) 587-0478 or click here.

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