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The 2018 Central Pacific hurricane season set a record

The 2018 Central Pacific Hurricane Season officially wraps-up Friday with a spot secured in the record books. Forecasters call the year “unprecedented” with six tropical cyclones.

Torrential rains from a number of systems wallop parts of the state.

“This year was all hurricanes. We had no only depressions are only storms or hurricanes, we had a category one category to category three, we had a category four and we had two category fives,” Bob Ballard, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, said.

That’s half a dozen in all. More than double what an average hurricane season in Hawaii brings.

In August, Hurricane Lane dumped more than 50 inches of rain over Hawaii County. Lane is now considered the wettest tropical cyclone on record in Hawaii.

“Hurricanes move a lot of water and that water can come down on areas that are not used to seeing that intense rainfall for that long a period,” Ballard said.

Unlike Lane, tropical storm Olivia made landfall less than two weeks later. Parts of Maui County fell victim to devastating damage and floods.

Forecasters say the island have seen an upswing in above average activity within the past five years. Researchers are trying to confirm if that’s Hawaii’s new norm.

“Some of the studies show that it could be about the same of number of hurricanes but it could be more intense. Some studies show that it we could just see more frequent hurricane threats. But no matter what like we always say each year it only takes one,” Ballard said.

Forecasters want to remind everyone about the importance of being prepared and heeding warnings.



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