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Bump stocks banned, plus additional gun safety measures signed into law

The Governor signed a bill (Act 157) into law prohibiting the manufacture, importation, sale transfer and possession of bump fire stocks, multi-burst trigger activators, and trigger cranks- the same weapon used by the gunman in the Las Vegas shooting that killed almost 60 people.

“I’m proud that Hawaii has one of the lowest rates of gun violence in the nation thanks to our strict gun laws. At the same time, we much protect the rights of gun owners and hunters to own and use gun safely. This legislation will help us uphold the rights of gun owners while keeping guns out of the hands of mentally unfit individuals,” said Governor David Ige.

Another bill signed into law today (Act 158) requires those disqualified from gun ownership to voluntarily surrender their firearms and ammunition within seven days versus the previous 30 day time period.

“Both of these measures collectively, improve the health and safety of our community. In domestic violence situations, the period following the threat is critical. Shortening the time period to seven days will further help to ensure the safety of our families and our communities,” Governor Ige said.

The bump stocks ban takes effect upon approval, and Act 158 takes effect on July 1st.



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