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Makena Golf & Beach Club announces removal of former hotel to start in mid-June

ATC Makena Holdings, LLC and Discovery Land Company have announced the commencement of demolition of the former Maui Prince Hotel structure at the Makena Golf & Beach Club. The removal of the seven-story former hotel will begin this month and is estimated to be complete in December.

Principal construction of the Makena Golf & Beach Club HM project area – a 24-acre site that encompasses the former Maui Prince Hotel property, started in May 2017. Approvals from the Maui Planning Commission to remove the building were obtained on November 14, 2017 via an amendment to the original Special Management Area (SMA) permit granted for the project in 2014.  In addition to the removal of the hotel, the amendment provides an overall reduction of the height and density of the project from 76 residences and a 76-room hotel to 65 residences.

“This marks a key milestone on the path of an over four-year planning process which included open and respectful community engagement, continuous dialog, and constructive input from families that have been living in Makena for generations, as well as other concerned individuals throughout Maui. Sustainability is of utmost importance to Discovery and this plan incorporates a modern sustainability framework, adherence to state and county policies, industry best practices, and emerging tools and recommendations at a project level,” says Ed Divita, Discovery Land Company Partner, “It is representative of the Project Team and Community Members’ commitment to sustainable development for Maui.”

Makena has an enduring story of families deeply caring for this land, from long-time Makena ‘ohana to hotel employees to the families who continue to enjoy the beach and shoreline today.

“We are inspired by the local culture and are committed to honoring surrounding landscapes through the community’s design and reduced scale. This includes improved drainage management, reduction of waste, and meeting energy efficiency goals,” says Ka‘imi Judd, Vice President of Development for Makena Golf & Beach Club.

Project highlights include:

  • Approximately 25,000 cubic yards of concrete from the former building will be reused as fill material to minimize truck hauling and overall project waste.
  • Project has been redesigned for a less dense and lower rise residential scale. The project will feature more visually open clusters of residential buildings across the landscape, resulting in a less massive building footprint and architectural elevation.
  • Lowered total project energy use. The total conditioned square footage has been reduced by 35% of 162,326 square feet, reducing overall annual electricity demand by 1.410 million kWh.
  • Through the strategic reduction of highly irrigated areas, total water use is reduced and water balance has improved. Project plan improvements stimulated by the removal of the former hotel structure include 24% less total water use.
  • Upgrade in Low Impact Development (LID) stormwater management techniques. The new project utilizes concepts such as green roofs and “green street” techniques such as bioretention rain gardens in combination with traditional stormwater management techniques to treat stormwater runoff and improve water quality.



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