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Dryer Fire Damages Mental Health Kokua Facility

Maui Fire Department crews responded to a report of a fire at 133 North Market Street late Saturday morning.

At 11:27 a.m. hours, a Wailuku fire crew arrived at the scene and extinguished a fire within the wash room of the Mental Health Kokua facility on Market Street.

The fire has been classified as accidental.

According to authorities, the fire originated within the dryer portion of a stand-up washer/dryer appliance located within a wash room area on the 1st floor of the two-story facility. The dryer was being used when the fire
occurred. The fire was contained to the wash room and caused minor damages to the facility.

Fire damages were estimated at $12,000 and has been classified as accidental.

The facility was occupied at the time of the fire’s discovery. The residential assistant, three male tenants, and three female tenants were able to evacuate safely from the building.

In addition, the facility was able to continue operations and the occupants were able to return to the facility after
facility’s electrical system was confirmed to be in proper working condition; some electrical wiring was damaged by the fire.

The facility has 11 full-time occupants.

There were no injuries to report.

Firefighters from Wailuku (Engine 1), Kahului (Rescue 10), and Kihei (Engine 6) responded in the incident.



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