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Those with Island Air tickets should seek refunds now

The state’s Office of Consumer Protection is urging Hawaii consumers who have unused Island Air tickets bought by credit or debit card to contact their card providers immediately to seek refunds.

Island Air filed for bankruptcy protection on Oct. 16 and less than a month later closed the company for good. A trustee has been appointed to oversee liquidation of the company’s assets to pay creditors.

“In most instances paying by credit card makes is easier for consumers to obtain a refund for services or goods that are not provided. In view of this, anyone who purchased an unused ticket by credit card needs to contact their credit card company as soon as possible to request a chargeback,” said Office of Consumer Protection Executive Director Stephen Levins said.

Consumers need to pay attention to time limits when applying for a refund. Although some credit card companies may establish more generous policies, federal law establishes a 60-day deadline from the time a credit card statement with the improper charge is first posted. For more information on how to request a refund or a chargeback, consumers should call their credit card company or review their statement.

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