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Maui Humane Society Achieves 92% Live Release Rate for Dogs in Fiscal 2017

File image courtesy of the Maui Humane Society - County of Maui.

The Maui Humane Society (MHS) has achieved a 92% Live Release Rate for dogs in Fiscal 2017, meaning more than nine out of every ten dogs who entered the shelter were either adopted, transferred to rescue partners for adoption, or returned to their owners. Additionally, 100% of healthy dogs have been saved this past year, with only dangerous or “end of life” dogs (with no hope for quality of life) considered for euthanasia.

In recent years, the Maui Humane Society has taken progressive steps towards implementing more forward-thinking practices and programs at MHS. These innovations have resulted in significant measurable progress towards a more humane Maui community.  Through commitment, diligence and hard work, the Live Release Rate for dogs has climbed from 65% in 2014 to 92% in 2017.

Achieving a 92% Live Release Rate for dogs is not a destination or one-time designation; rather it is a continued journey that must be maintained. We have hundreds of animals coming through our doors every single month, nearly twenty every single day. Maintaining and improving our high Live Release Rate takes daily commitment from shelter staff, rescue organizations, adopters, and the public,” said Jerleen Bryant, CEO, Maui Humane Society.

Bryant notes that while the Maui Humane Society is not an official participant of the “No Kill” movement, all of the conditions and programs collectively referred to as the “no kill equation” are actively implemented at MHS, and the agency is committed to saving as many lives as possible.  Each animal is treated as an individual upon intake and outcomes are determined by health and behavior. Thanks to financial and volunteer support from the community, there are resources to help each animal thrive until adoption.  Animals receive medical care as well as exercise, training and socialization based on that animal’s individual needs and there is never a time limit for any animal at the shelter.

“Our Live Release rate for dogs is an amazing accomplishment,” says Bryant, “but we aren’t done yet. Cats are not far behind. We are on the cusp of achieving these same results for Maui’s cat population through promising new programs and innovative thinking at MHS.”                                                                                             

For more information about Maui Humane Society, please visit our website at: or call (808) 877-3680 ext. 3



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