Local Artist Partners with Students for Lokelani Intermediate Mural

Courtesy photo.

A momentous community service project undertaken by two seventh graders, Lily Oldham and Austin Ruppenthal is currently underway. With the approval of their Student Council Advisor, Cathy Fitzpatrick and Interim Principal, Francoise Wittenburg, the pair collaborated with local Maui artist, JoNerZ (Jonathan Baldwin,) to create a large-scale mural to liven and beautify the front of their school. A Community Paint Party is scheduled for Thursday, May 11, 2017 at 5:30 pm and completion/unveiling is expected on the first day of school, August 7.

“This mural installation spearheaded by Lily and Austin truly fulfills the key components of our Student Council Program; they organized meetings, drafted letters, and reached out to the community seeking supplies and donations, I am so proud.” said Cathy Fitzpatrick, Student Council Coordinator.

Courtesy photo.

“It’s really exciting working on this project and seeing the whole school, parents, and local businesses support us. We are so lucky to be working with JoNerZ, I screamed out loud when he agreed to help us and again when the first donation came in from Goodfellows,” said Lily Oldham. “This mural has made coming to school more exciting for everyone. I can’t wait to see what’s been added or completed when I come in each day,” said Austin Ruppenthal.

Internationally known Kihei artist, and father of three, JoNerZ is donating his time and skills to lead this project. The inspiration is centered around the namesake of the school, Lokelani and evolved into themes that honors a rite of passage for the students and the guiding principles of their educators. “I hope it brings joy and awe to each student and helps them to responsibly dream big as they take their journey into being bright eyed young adults,” said JoNerZ.



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