Judge denies new trial in Capobianco murder case

Image Capture courtesy of Akaku Community Media

Legal proceedings for a motion for a new trial by Steven Capobianco’s legal team were heard today in Second Circuit Court. Capobianco’s attorneys claim that during trial, incidents of alleged jury misconduct, prosecutor misconduct, and that the prosecutor used emotion to sway the jury were grounds for Capobianco to get a new trial.

Judge Cardoza denied all the defense arguments for a motion for a new trial. In the motion relating to the jury seeing news coverage over the Christmas Holiday, Cardoza said it would be, “Unrealistic, inappropriate and unfair to not allow jurors to enjoy the Christmas holiday.”

Court went into recess at about 12:30pm after the judgment was rendered.

In December after a potentially deadlocked jury, the 12-member jury in the high-profile murder trial rendered the unanimous verdict of: Guilty of Second Degree Murder of his ex-girlfriend Charlie Scott and Guilty of Second Degree Arson.

Capobianco still faces charges for First Degree Promoting Prison Contraband where a female attempted to pass him illegal narcotics in prision. He remains incarcerated at MCCC.

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