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County of Maui Launches First Ever Transit Advertising Program on Maui Bus

County of Maui Deptartment of Transportation file image.

The County of Maui has gotten its first transit advertising program. Stone Jetty Advertising, which manages the program for Maui Bus, has announced the launch of its pilot program. The pilot will provide preferred pricing to a limited number of advertisers between now and May 31, 2017.

“We are excited to bring a high quality transit advertising program to Maui for the first time,” said Jeff De Innocentis, owner of Stone Jetty Advertising. “Maui is an excellent market for interior bus ads because of continuous growth among a wide demographic of bus riders.”

Transit advertising is a proven cost-effective way for businesses to get their message seen by millions of riders annually. Currently, Maui Bus has over 2.4 million riders per year. This new service will give businesses, organizations and individuals the opportunity to generate a massive amount of exposure and reach a broad spectrum of people from various backgrounds, cultures and age groups.

“The County of Maui is trying to be more fiscally responsible thereby looking at other means for revenue generation than just raising taxes,” said Don Medeiros, County of Maui Director of Transportation. “We are excited for this opportunity and look forward to working with Stone Jetty Advertising.”

Each standard advertising package for Maui Bus includes a sign on every bus in the fleet to ensure ads receive maximum exposure on every route on every bus. During the pilot program, Stone Jetty Advertising is offering an introductory rate of $30 per interior bus ad space per month. To take advantage of that rate, advertisers must commit to a full fleet six month minimum contract. The Maui Bus transit advertising pilot program will run until May 31, 2017 and participation is limited due to the amount of ad space available.

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