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70 year old bell stolen from Wailuku Jodo Mission

On Thursday, February 2, 2017 the temple Tsurigane (Bell) was stolen from the Wailuku Jodo Mission. Church members don’t know exactly when the bell was stolen and is requesting the public’s assistance.

The Wailuku Jodo Mission Temple bell was about 70 years old and weighs about 70 lbs it’s 12 inches in diameter and 19.5 inches in height. The bell is made of a mixed of metals like copper and bronze. It has been part of the temple for about 70 years and is used for services.

The Rev. John Hara released the following statement:
“To address the people or person who stole the bell, they are disrespecting their own community. When something like this happens it reflects on ourselves as a community and our society. The temple and churches are here for all people and to help each other out from a place of heart. There is no real gain for what was done. I hope they will find it in there own hearts and minds to return the bell. We at Wailuku Jodo Mission hope they do.

The 70 year old bell comes from a collection of people who worked hard to build there community and to share it with future generations. This isn’t about money it’s about how we treat each other. Thank you again for your time and support.”

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