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Mayor Arakawa throws “Bulls**t” grenades in Council Chambers

Mayor Alan Arakawa presided over the organizational meeting of the Maui County Council on Monday. After hearing hours of public testimony that started at 2pm, council members had a hard time getting past the very first agenda item- 17-1 “Electing Mike White as the Chair of the Council”. As deliberations continued past 10:30pm, an exchange between the Mayor and Councilmember Elle Cochran (West Maui) got heated. While trying to maintain decorum in the chambers during the entire meeting, he could not help but call the councilmembers comments, “Bullshit”.

The audience gasped in shock and listening to the audio, it sounded like it also shocked a few of the councilmembers.

The public heard about the exchange in other news media outlets but not everyone has seen the exchange. We had to wait for the video files to be uploaded to the Council Website, the OFFICAL Council Website at

Check out our coverage of the meeting- HERE.

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