PHOTOS: Maui Mall “Rogue One”

Star Wars: Rogue One is by far the most highly anticipated movie of 2016. MAUIWatch was able to usher in the FORCE at the Maui Mall for the movie premiere on Thursday, December 15th at the Regal Cinema. We had fun rolling out the red carpet and showing off some of the hard core fans that dressed up for the event.’Star Wars’ Box Office: ‘Rogue One’ earned a Galactic $71 Million Friday. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story began its domestic box office marathon with a whopping $71 million Friday gross. That includes $29m in Thursday grosses, which would make it the second biggest “Star Wars” opening ever and one of the biggest debuts of the year.

“Rogue One” is Disney’s first Star Wars spinoff meaning that it takes place in the same galaxy as other films in the series, but doesn’t directly involve the popular stories and characters of the Skywalker family. Last year’s “Force Awakens” went on to become the biggest blockbuster in U.S. history, but that film had more than 30 years of build-up behind it. “Rogue One” is a standalone movie with new characters, so comparing its box office totals to that of “Force Awakens” is like comparing apples to Death Stars.

Big Mahalo to the Maui Mall, Regal Cinemas, Smile Suite Maui Lani, Fun Factory and Digital Audio Vision for making our premiere event a huge success! Here’s some images of our Red Carpet festivities. Star Wars: Rogue One is in theaters now.
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