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Tin Roof’s underground menu


Located in Kahului, sandwiched between an art gallery and a payday loan office, you’ll find local-style comfort food with a twist at Tin Roof. The highly anticipated venture by Top Chef alumnus Sheldon Simeon and his wife Janice opened it’s doors in April. Conveniently located near the airport, visitors and kama’aina are discovering Sheldon’s nostalgic-Hawaii-inspired eats.



You might be surprised to find out the new eatery also serves up a super underground secret menu. Yup, that’s right Sheldon likes to call it his “underground menu” and yes, anyone can order it (depending on availability, cause sometimes they might sellout of a few things). Keep scrolling for all the info…


On the regular menu you’ll find classic local grinds including mochiko chicken, chop steak, garlic scrimps, saimin, a poke bowl and sweet treats that take you back to small kid time. These dishes all come served in a bowl with your choice of white, hapa or brown rice and with a special side dish of the day. Inspired by his Hilo beginnings you’ll see an innovative spin on some classic delicacies infused with an array of flavors, textures and colors.

Now here’s a look at Tin Roof’s 3 underground menu items that will leave your taste buds dancing and/or give you kanack attack and ready for a nap.

Spicy Chicken Sandwich Animal Style: mochiko fried chicken brushed with chili oil and sitting on top of Hawaiian chili mayo, salted cabbage,topped with twice cooked pork belly, 6 minute egg on a brioche donut bun made by Donut Dynamite. $9 “There is no right way to eat it, it usually comes wrapped up so you just dig into it.”
Chop-Steak Fried Rice Animal Style: flat iron steak sautéed with oyster sauce and Yamasa shoyu, Maui Onions and ginger scallions, served with their special 3-grain brown rice, ginger scallion pesto, cilantro, daily greens and gochujang aioli. $11 It’s all in the sauce, it’s a special sauce!
Chuka Soba Poke Bowl: cold saimin noodles, tossed with wafu dashi, garlic oil and ginger scallion pesto, topped with watercress and served with the special house made fresh poke of the day. $17 (This was my personal favorite, the noodles were chewy and tasty, the poke was extremely fresh. I loved the arare and furikake sprinkle which added nice texture. The portion was pretty large I ate half there and saved the leftovers for later).
Located at 360 Papa Place, Kahului, Tin Roof is open Monday – Saturday 10am-2pm,  night/evening dinner events held on occasion.

One thing I’ve always noticed about the Simeons, and their team, they are always very grateful and notoriously humble. Despite national fame, Sheldon keeps his feet firmly planted on the ground and always takes the time to make others feel special, his relationship with the community means a lot to him and his family.

“Yeah it’s crazy how it’s almost 5 months since we’ve opened and now, I think it’s great how we have been able to fully integrate into the community,” he said.

Quick Tip: if you don’t want to wait in line for your order you can use their Fast Pass online ordering system. Visit their website. “If you Fast Pass order online, you just pick it up at the designated time, head straight to the front of the line.”

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