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Matisyahu Joins Local Paia Musician Singing His Song

Set to headline the annual MayJah RayJah concert at the Maui Arts and Culture Center (MACC), Jewish reggae singer- Matisyahu got to catch some beach time Friday (7/29) before the show. While enjoying the beautiful island of Maui, the artist walked into the Honolulu Coffee Company in Paia and noticed a local braddah jamming his song- One Day. At first, it seemed no one even had a clue that Matisyahu was standing among them.

But, as braddah performed his 2008 Hit, Matis walked up and sang along, his identity still unbeknown to the ukulele musician. Matisyahu started singing the words to the song that expresses a hope for an end to violence and a prayer for a new era of peace and understanding. By the end, the two were singing together.

Braddah’s name was Clint Alama who said he lived off the grid. A snippet of the performance was shared on Facebook and quickly started going viral. Braddah Clint was offered to be put on the guest list for the show. It’s unknown if he actually went.

“Do you know who wrote that song?” Matisyahu asks.

“Matis,” Alama answers.

“I’m Matisyahu,” the Jewish reggae artist replied.

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