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Good Eats: Mo ‘Ono

The name really says it all… When hunting for a refreshing, cold, filling, yet flavorful meal nothing beats the Hawaii heat like a fresh bowl of fruit and other frozen treats. Mo ‘Ono Hawaii makes killer acai bowls and tops them with vibrant fruits, shaved nuts and a menagerie of tasty toppings. This sometimes snack can easily become a whole meal, or just an appetizer to wet your tastebuds if you don’t mind sharing.

Formely located at Kahului Harbor the lavender and yellow wagon can now be found across from the Costco Gas Station at 591 Haleakala Hwy in Kahului.

Mo ‘Ono started out where most brilliant foodie ideas are developed — in the kitchen. This is a local take on the worldwide health food craze that has swept the country. Mo ‘Ono adds a unique twist to the now very commercial acai bowl which is usually loaded with sorbet, fruits and topped with various sauces.

Local? Yes, I say local… their toppings include poi, lilikoi and ulu. YUM!

Located in a small food truck village Mo ‘Ono almost always has a line and people will wait for the fresh goodness while also eyeing up the nearby poke, Thai Food, plate lunches and lemonade trucks.
Sizes come in Small 12oz. $5, Medium 16oz $7 and Large 24oz $10. You choose your toppings: Banana, Strawberry, Pineapple, Coconut, Almonds, Granola and Honey. You can have some, or all, of those toppings. Additional add-ons like poi and lilikoi butter are $1.
The additional toppings come piled on top of the acai and as you can see the lilikoi butter is lathered on as well. (Greek yogurt topped with lilikoi butter pictured here). The lilikoi butter is delicious and tastes like fresh lilikoi, pureed, perhaps add sugar and turned into a smooth sauce. It doesn’t appear to have actual butter in it, but it does have a great balance of sweet with sour.

Overall, the bowls are super fresh, made with aloha, innovative and delicious. I would say it’s well worth the wait and really great value. This humble family-run business is known to sellout so make sure to go early or check their social media to see what they have left, or if they are open.

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