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Kihei Elementary is holding their Scholastic Book Fair to raise funds for the library

Looking for books, gifts, and more for all ages? Kihei Elementary is holding their Scholastic book fair to raise funds for the library from December 8th-11th, 14th-15thfrom 9:30am-2:30am and Wednesday, December 16, 2015 from 9:30am-3:00pm. The book fair will be open in the evening Friday, December 11th from 5:30pm-7:00pm. All visitors to the school need to check in at the school office if visiting during school hours. The fair is also online! Books will be shipped free to the school for pick up with credit card orders! Please visit for online ordering or visit our Facebook page Kihei Elementary PTA.

The Kihei Elementary School Library has not been updated since its installation in the mid 1980’s. While the library collection has received various donations throughout the years, the building itself has not been refurbished. The first phase of the project involved emptying the building of all books and shelving to accommodate the restoration process. The walls were cleaned and repaired before volunteers from the Andaz in Wailea helped to paint the interior. Ace Hardware in Kihei donated supplies to prepare and paint all the walls. The next phase will be to remove the existing flooring and install new floors. The school will also be looking for new shelving and seating for student use. Through the use of volunteers and community donations, the school is able to keep this project cost effective.

The library collection will also be updated. While some of the books are current and have a high student interest level, the majority of the books were outdated and had not been checked out in a number of years. Through various donations and book fair sales, the school will be purchasing new books that support standards-based learning and increase student reading motivation. Kihei Elementary wants to offer students a library they are excited to visit and books that build a love of reading at an early age.



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