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Maui Group Raises $25,000 for Legal Fees to Stop Cane Burning

A group of Maui residents called Stop Cane Burning has raised more than $25,000 for legal costs in an attempt to stop Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Co. from burning sugar cane.

About a month ago, the group filed a lawsuit against the Hawaii Department of Health alleging that the rules that allow open air agricultural burning are unconstitutional. It was the first claim to be filed in Hawaii’s new Environmental Court, according to a press release.

The lawsuit, which was filed by the group’s attorney, seeks a preliminary injunction to stop cane burning operations on the basis that the activity is illegal and is putting the public’s health at risk.

Both the director of the Department of Health and Alexander & Baldwin, LLC are named as defendants in the filing.

In the last month, Stop Cane Burning said it has raised more than $25,985 through a GoFundMe account.

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