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Maui Police Department’s 81st Recruit Class Graduation

On July 24, 2015 members of the Maui Police Department’s 81th Recruit Class were honored in a graduation ceremony at a luncheon held at the King Kamehameha Golf Course, Waikapu.
Twenty (20) Recruits completed eight months of intense physical and academic training before graduating and receiving their badges.

The new officers are: Officer Vavi Domingo, Officer Keola McKee, Officer Michael Santos, Officer Joyce Skinner, Officer Ashley Gandauli, Officer Keola Wilhelm, Officer Chase Bell, Officer Lehua Souza, Officer Joseph Alvarez, Officer John Joaquin, Officer Derek Campanelli, Officer Trenton Aurello, Officer William Cleghorn II, Officer Justin Box, Officer Stephan Evangelista, Officer Erik Matsuo, Officer Devion Johnson, Officer Vance Vickers, Officer Michael Ryan, and Officer Andrew Spring.

Special Awards:
Scholastic Achievement Officer Erik Matsuo
Neil T. Endo Outstanding Firearms Officer Derek Campanelli
M. Cecil Rusty Dickson Physical Fitness Officer Chase Bell
Outstanding Notebook Officer Vavi Domingo
Sensei Shinichi Suzuki Arrest Defense Tactics Officer Keola McKee
Outstanding Recruit Officer Chase Bell



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