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Letters: Suspected car gas lines cut at War Memorial

Hi MAUIWatch,
I just want to warn people that there is someone (or more than one person) who is cutting fuel lines and stealing our gas at the War Memorial Stadium. Today my fathers gas line got cut from his truck, and the gas was stolen while he was at work. I have attached a photo of my dads gas line to show how it was cut.

My family and I are really upset by this and all that we want to say is shame on you to whomever did this. We are a local family trying to do the right thing by going to work and trying to make ends meet.

It’s really sad that we can’t even trust some of the locals in our community. Be Pono and do the right thing. Is there anyone else who had this happen to them? Everyone, be on the lookout and call the police if you see someone suspicious under the cars.
Thank you.
Brandi Silva

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