GMO opponents release statement after court ruling

In the wake of the latest decision in the Monsanto vs. Maui case, a coalition of Maui voters have launched a campaign demanding that Monsanto and Dow respect their vote and drop their lawsuit against Maui. In her decision released today, Judge Mollway struck down the GMO Moratorium approved by voters in last November’s election. Appealing the decision to a higher court is estimated to take about a year, during which Monsanto and Dow are not legally required to comply with the voter-approved Moratorium on GMO crops.

“Monsanto and Dow spent record-breaking amounts of money in a deceptive “Vote No” campaign last election. Maui voted yes anyway, and instead of respecting the basic democratic process and complying with our vote, Monsanto and Dow sued us. Monsanto then launched a multi-million dollar ad campaign telling Hawaii what great community members they are. We aren’t buying it.” said Autumn Ness of GMO Free Maui. “Good members of the community would respect the democratic process and uphold our vote. Drop your lawsuit, Monsanto and Dow. Immediately halt GMO crop production, and do the safety studies.”

Since voters passed the GMO moratorium last November, Dow and Monsanto have 79 new permits on file for outdoor chemical and GMO experiments in Hawaii. They are testing Glyphosate, 2-4, D (used in Agent Orange), Dicamba, Glufosinate, and Quizalofop on 53,810.91 acres of corn, soybean, and wheat in Hawaii.

“These are neurotoxins, endocrine disruptors, and liver toxins whose affects are seen for generations. We also know that they are spraying the nerve agent, methyl parathion, in Kihei. This is unacceptable.” said Deborah Mader, a concerned mom and community activist in Kihei. “I’m guessing Monsanto spent that much money in campaigning and lawsuits because testing these chemicals upwind from our community doesn’t look good in an Environmental Impact Study.”

“The judge’s ruling has invalidated the constitutional right of 23,000 voters on Maui.” said Mark Sheehan of the SHAKA movement. “Our attorneys are seeking justice through appeals.”

“Our county has a duty to uphold the public trust doctrine and the will of the voters. Their failure to take action on this issue is a breach of that duty.” said Alika Atay, Hawaiian Natural Farmer. “What they are testing on those fields is dangerous for our keiki and our precious island ecosystems. I implore the county of Maui to take action. Immediately conduct an Environmental Impact Study on GMO crops and the related chemical use.”

Maui voters will rally in front of the North Kihei Monsanto facility tomorrow morning, asking Monsanto to drop their lawsuit against Maui. The rally starts at 5:30 am.

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