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Review: Poi By The Pound

Finally got to make a stop at “Poi by the Pound”, located right next to Lee-Bear in Kahului industrial. It’s a fairly new restaurant- only serving Hawaiian food and here every day is ALOHA FRIDAY. When you think of “Hawaiian” food, you think about what is served typically at a baby’s 1st luau or family parties. Their menu is a reflection of what one would expect to find at those parties.

I don’t know about you but I love Hawaiian food. I mean, who doesn’t? My all-time favorite is squid luau. So, of course, I had to get their Squid Luau combo. It came with rice, poi, mac salad, poke, and lomi salmon.

I will be the first to admit- I am kind of a squid luau snob. In fact, last week I ate squid luau at a place on Oahu (it may or may not have been called, “Yama’s Fishmarket”)- and I was highly disappointed, to say the least. But fellow foodies we have winner here at “Poi by the Pound!'” Let us all say a silent “Halleluah” for squid luau that ACTUALLY has more than one piece of squid in it. Oh and it was sweet. Yes, sweet and not bland like the above mentioned. Two shakas for their squid luau!!! I would give more but I only have 2 hands. Oh and if you are a squid luau fan, you can buy some to take home. Thank me later if you do.


We did go at prime time lunch rush hour, so the only discrepancy we had was with our order. Unfortunately, they did accidentally switch our orders with another table. The reason I am mentioning this, is not to discredit their business but to, in fact, point out their awesome customer service. Once our servers realized what had happened, they did offer us a free sundae and 10% off our order. (Not sure if it was because one of us had on a “Maui Watch” shirt.. just kidding!) They did not HAVE to do anything, but they did the best they could to make sure we were satisfied when we left. And that is always a GOOD thing.

By the way, if you like haupia- their sundae sounds pretty good. I say “sound” because I absolutely loathe haupia. I know, I know. I am weird. For some reason I just have never liked the taste of coconut or peanut butter. Coconut milk is okay, only in my squid luau! Anyways, their sundae is haupia ice cream topped with poi and whip cream. See? Doesn’t that “sound” good?? Ha!

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If you have the need to fulfill your Hawaiian food fix, Poi By The Pound can make it happen. Fish and poi, she go!

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