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MANAPUAWatch: Bakery can handle?

The Manapua Bakery is closed today for installation of more appliances. Hopefully this means the bakery can double their supply of 5,000 manapua per day to 10,000! What?! You mean I can actually buy some manapua now? We are keeping our fingers crossed Maui that the answer will be “yes!” Obviously Maui has been experiencing #manapuamadness as this establishment is having difficulties keeping up with hounding herds. And about that sign, “So Sorry, We Are Sold Out,” don’t worry about seeing it anymore. According to owners Keone and Natasha, manapua and pork hash will be sold on a first come first serve basis until things settle down. This means, hang up the phone and get in line tomorrow – bright and early at 7 am!

PICS of the FOOD- (click to enlarge)

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Tracie Takatani
Tracie Takatani is Features Editor at MAUIWatch. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism from UH Manoa and a Master’s in Human Resource Management from the UH Shilder College of Business. She has done work with Oceanic Time Warner Cable/OC16 and Punish’Um Motorsports TV.

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