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REVIEW: Swap Meet Shenanigans

Last Saturday, I took a trip down to Maui’s Swap Meet. That place has lots of hidden gems! Especially, “Aunty Lia’s Baked Goods”- she was the MAIN reason for my trip. Why? Because mango bread, that’s why. Before going to Aunty Lia’s area- I stopped at a few places to try some new goodies: “Maui Rainbow Tea,” “Verdeleaf”, “Hana Hotties,” and “Tru Grindz Lunch Wagon.”

First stop, “Maui Rainbow Tea.” They had samples set out of: Raspberry Lychee Black Tea, Ginger Citrus Mint Green Tea, and Wild Berry Hibiscus Fruit tea. I love samples and I love tea!! Win- WIn!!! The Wild Berry Hibiscus was my favorite. If you are a tea lover, you should try these locally made teas. A bit pricey, but they are unique blends.

Rainbow Tea Vendor
Rainbow Tea Vendor

Next, I tried some of Chef Massimo’s organic juice called, “Verdleaf.” Massimo’s own recipe- he makes a juice mixture comprised of parsley, ginger, lemon grass, citrus, honey, and varies spices. Everything is bought local from Kumu farms. You can buy a 1 liter glass bottle for $14 and refills are only $8. Massimo was very informative and loved to share the health benefits of “Verdleaf.” For more information check out


“Hana Hotties”- This booth had hot sauce, spices, and BBQ rubs. You can sample the sauces by putting it on a tortilla chip. As a huge fan of anything spicy (especially some good, home made chilli pepper water), I had to sample it. The Papaya was my favorite flavor. The Pineapple hot sauce is good for people that like sweet and spicy mixed together. My only discrepancy? Stale chips. Honestly, the staleness of the chips threw me off.  Nonetheless, it is a good product with all the products grown and bottled here on Maui. Check for more information and to order online.

Hana Hotties
Hana Hotties

In the right hand corner of the swap meet, you can find some food trucks/wagons. My husband felt like eating Hawaiian food, so I bought some plates at the “Tru Grindz Lunch Wagon.” I got the Kalua plate- which was probably the best $10 plate lunch I had in a long time. Half of my plate was kalua pig and it was not soggy or greasy. It was a huge plate. No exaggeration. You can totally get your money’s worth with their plates. I also got the fried ahi poke rolls. Not a personal favorite, but it was good. They are there every other Saturday. They also cater. Email: [email protected] for more information.

And last but not least, “Aunty Lia’s Baked Goods.” One word. Heaven. She has a plethora of baked goods. Garlic Bread. Cookies. Cheesy Breads. You name it she has it. Her top seller is the lillikoi bread. My absolute favorite is her Mango Bread. Do you know how I eat the bread? With nutella. And if I want to get really crazy, I throw Kona Mud Pie ice cream on top of it. You can thank me later.  It is amazing with0ut anything added, but I like to live dangerously.  Best creation known to man. If you like baked goods, this is the place to go. Her chocolate banana bread is also a crowd favorite. My daughter can eat a whole loaf to herself, and she is only 2. Small loaves are $3 and the bigger loaves are $5. Great prices for a great product. Seriously, do yourself a favor and go see Aunty Lia! For a fun fundraiser give her a call at (808) 633-2483. Tell her Tara sent you. (Maybe I will get Mango bread for life. HA!)

If you have not gone to Maui”s Swap Meet- it is time to make a trip. From homemade soaps, to clothing, to kitchen sinks (literally), the Swap Meet has something for everyone. Open every Saturday from 7am-1pm at the Maui Community College, it is a great place to see all our locally made/grown goodies. If you can, go as early as possible as it gets really hot throughout the day. Wear sunscreen. If you have babies, bring them. I loaded both of mine in a stroller and they sampled all the goodies along with me! These are just a few of the vendors down at the Swap Meet. If I did not stop at your favorite one, let me know. I will be sure to check them out the next time I go!

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Maui's Swap Meet is a great place to find locally made items, especially food! I am a huge fan of supporting local businesses, so I highly recommend setting your alarm clocks early on a Saturday morning to pay this place a visit.

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