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Another case of feline panleukopenia has been confirmed in Kula, Maui, not far from the original case, but outside of what was originally considered the “hot zone”. Having this confirmed case in an area outside our designated “hot zone”, would make it seem likely that the virus has started to spread and due to our highly mobile society, will eventually be found throughout the island of Maui. Cat owners are encouraged to vaccinate their cats as soon as possible. Even if pet cats do not go outside, the virus can still be spread via humans tracking on their shoes, clothing, etc. Cat to cat contact is not necessary to spread the disease.

The cat that was confirmed positive was vaccinated about 17 days prior to falling ill. Based on the normal incubation period for panleukopenia, we suspect that he was vaccinated just a few days before being exposed to the virus. Although this wasn’t enough time to fully protect him from the disease, it probably did give him a better chance at survival, and unlike most cats that succumb to the virus, he is doing well and expected to survive with supported care from his veterinarian.

Maui Humane Society will be holding three vaccination clinics at the shelter, beginning on Saturday, July 5, and again on July 12 and July 19, from 8:30am to 12pm. Clinics will be held in the MHS Modular building behind the main shelter building. Signs will be posted. Parking will be available next to the building or along the roadway. Cost is by donation.

These clinics are meant for all friendly, tame cats. Cats and kittens should be at least six (6) weeks old and all cats should be transported in secure carriers. For everyone’s safety, cats in improper carriers will not be accepted. Carriers are available for rent from MHS and cardboard carriers can be purchased at the shelter ahead of time for $10. Feral cats should not be brought to these vaccine clinics. Please call MHS for vaccination options for feral cats.

For the latest updates and information, please see Maui Humane Society’s website at and Facebook page at, or call MHS at (808) 877-3680 x23.



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