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Letters to the Watch

Letters: Maui, Ignorance Will Be Your Demise

To the Mayor, County Council, and citizens of Maui: As a time-share owner on Maui, I thought you might be interested in the ramifications of Maui’s war on time-shares, how this impacts me and what effect it will have on YOUR future. I purchased my ownership on Ka’anapali Beach, north of Black Rock in Jan. 2003. At this time, time-share …

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Letters: Wailea Shops Parking a prime example of greed

So we have been shopping at the Shops At Wailea since the place was built. Over the years we have spent thousands of dollars at this place. We frequently bring our out of town guests here to eat, as well as to shop. I never had to pay for parking here before. After a 3 hour visit here with my …

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Letters: Suspected car gas lines cut at War Memorial

Hi MAUIWatch, I just want to warn people that there is someone (or more than one person) who is cutting fuel lines and stealing our gas at the War Memorial Stadium. Today my fathers gas line got cut from his truck, and the gas was stolen while he was at work. I have attached a photo of my dads gas …

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