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Looking Back: The Manchurian Candidate (2004)

Here’s a remake that truly wasn’t just a re-hash of the original and matches the deep-seeded paranoia and creepiness of its predecessor. It’s also every bit as forced as most remakes and stands meekly in the large shadow cast by the first film bearing the title. The 1962 “Manchurian Candidate” firmly remains a classic American film, depicting our fears of …

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Looking Back: The Village (2004)

The turning point for M. Night Shyamalan’s career came with the release of “The Village” in 2004, only it wasn’t the kind of redirection most would desire. As a writer/director, he survived seeing his first film, 1997’s “Wide Awake,” get compromised in the editing room, dumped in theaters and mostly forgotten. His extraordinary comeback, “The Sixth Sense” in 1999, jolted …

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Looking Back: UHF (1989)

Twenty-five years ago, “Weekend at Bernie’s,” “Young Einstein” and “UHF” were all playing in theaters. Well, “Bernie’s” actually played for a while, as the other two only briefly made the rounds before becoming favorites on videocassette. Of the three, “Bernie’s” was the most financially successful and is arguably the one containing the most “edge,” which is like saying “Police Academy …

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Looking Back: Blown Away

Its embarrassing, I imagine, to be upstaged by a bus, but that’s exactly what happened to the underrated 1994 summer thriller, “Blown Away.” Released a few weeks after the monstrously popular and somewhat similar, mad-bomber-on-the-loose adventure, “Speed,” “Blown Away” suffered in comparison and saw its thunder stolen by Keanu Reeves vs. Dennis Hopper, a movie stealing Sandra Bullock, lots of …

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Looking Back at “Weekend at Bernie’s”

I appreciate the recent slew of articles that fondly remember the summer of 1989, particularly giving attention to Tim Burton’s landmark “Batman” and the effect it had on the zeigeist, appreciative audiences, worldwide box office receipts and the shaping of the modern day comic book movie. I love the film but I’m fond of most of the big summer movies …

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