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MPD: Unclaimed Bodies Remain at Forensic Facility

The Maui Police Department currently has five unclaimed bodies at the forensic facility.

Officials are requesting assistance in contacting family members of the deceased.

John Fischer
Date of Death: 08/12/17
Ht: 5’7″
Wt: 108 lbs.
Hair/Eyes: Gray/Pale-colored
Marks: Tattoos of peacock on chest, tribal tatoo on rt. shoulder

John Doe
Date of Death: 09/13/17
Ht: 5’10”
Wt: 135 lbs.
Hair/Eyes: Shaved/Cloudy (decomposed)
Marks: None

Timothy Tyler a.k.a. John Doe
Date of Death: 03/18/18
Ht: 5’8″
Wt: 135 lbs.
Hair/Eyes: Reddish-brown/Indeterminate (decomposed)
Marks: Tattoos Egyptian symbols and skulls on rt. arm, face of bearded man on lt. arm, face of demon on rt. chest, Grim Reaper and “Wrath” on abdomen, mushroom on rt. lower leg, skull with flames on lt. lower leg

Frank Mosley
Date of Death: 03/29/18
Ht: 5’10”
Wt: 125 lbs.
Hair/Eyes: White/Brown
Marks: None

Jennifer Stenbeck
Date of Death: 09/14/16
Ht: 5’6″
Wt: 120 lbs.
Hair/Eyes: Reddish-brown-blonde/Blue-gray
Marks: Tattoos Asian-style lettering on upper back, heart with “Mark” and “Noah” on rt. arm, “I Love You Mark” on lt. hip, lady sitting on crescent moon on lt. lower leg, peace sign on rt. ankle

MPD reports that if the bodies go unclaimed in a reasonable amount of time, they will be cremated.

If you have any information, please call (808)463-3833.



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