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Sinkhole closes Maui County road following severe storm

Photo Credit: Dept of Public Works Highways Division

Maui Police Dept, Dept of Fire & Public Safety, Dept of Public Works and Dept of Water Supply responded to a call at around 7:45 pm Friday night of a developing sinkhole in the Haiku area on Pu’u Way. Crews secured the area and decided to conduct an assessment of a collapsed drainpipe at daylight.

County highways crews and engineers assessed the collapsed drainpipe Saturday morning and determined that, at some point, the corrugated metal pipes failed either by collapse or by inundation of debris from upstream. Then, the stormwater overwhelmed the system carrying the material and roadway above the pipes downstream.

The pipes appear to be at least 4-6 ft in diameter.

Pieces of the culvert and old headwall are in the drainage way of downstream properties. The debris did not damage houses but the remnants of the pipe will need to be removed. The culvert collapse also impacted water service to the area. Temporary water service was restored by DWS today.

County Highways crews removed vegetation, secured the area on both sides with traffic barriers and made a path for residents to access. Right of entries will be needed from adjacent owners for construction and for additional debris removal.

There is no immediate danger from the debris but crews will need to remove additional debris when access is provided. This will give our engineers and potential contractors a good understanding of the existing conditions.

This location is at a dead end. Traffic is not affected, just access to the parcels on the far end of the culdesac. Most residents that staff spoke with are making or have made accommodations already to leave or shelter in place

DPW Engineering is developing a scope of work to repair and likely upsize the pipes. Large new concrete headwalls will need to be constructed. It is difficult to estimate how long this will take to repair and build.

Photo Credit: Dept of Public Works Highways Division



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