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Wailuku Man Charged in Stolen Vehicles Incidents

MPD photo of Keoni Kuhaulua.

On Thursday, July 27, 38-year-old Keoni Kuhaulua was charged with the two counts of Unauthorized Control of a Propelled Vehicle and one count of Resisting an Order to Stop Motor Vehicle.

Maui Police Department officials say an investigation found that between July 19 and July 24, the Wailuku man was observed operating two of the stolen vehicles on separate days by MPD officers.

Each time officers attempted to stop Kuhaulua he would flee.

On Wednesday July 25, one of the stolen vehicles was found in the parking lot at Hale Makana O Wai‘ale in Wailuku.

Kuhaulua was found in one of the units at the complex that belonged to a friend of his.

After a brief standoff Kuhaulua was arrested and taken into custody.

Kuhaulua’s Bail is set at $15,000.



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