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Holua Backcountry Camping Area at Haleakalā National Park Closed on June 13

Courtesy of the Hawaii Department of Agriculture

The Holua backcountry camping area will be closed to campers the night of June 13, 2018 to allow staff to control non-native Argentine ants. Holua is located along the Halemau’u Trail within the Summit District of Haleakalā National Park.

Argentine ants are an invasive species and a major threat to native endemic species such as the Hawaiian yellow-faced bees. Park control efforts are focusing on the Holua area to prevent accidental human spread of Argentine ants to uninfested backcountry areas.

The Holua camping area will reopen to campers on June 14, 2018. All other backcountry trails, cabins, and the Palikū camping area remain open and will not be affected by this closure



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