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Kihei Charter School 2018 Registration Schedule Begins March 7

Leah Belmonte, Governor’s representative for Maui (left) and Maui County Board of Education member Kili Namau’u examine a paper mache elephant made by students learning about characters from stories being taught in class.

The Kihei Charter School recently played host to Maui County Board of Education member Kili Namau’u and Leah Belmonte, the Governor’s representative for Maui, as they toured the school and the new school’s construction site.

Their visit comes as the Kihei Charter School prepares for the new school with the announcement of parent information sessions and registration deadlines.

John Colson, Chief Operating Officer of the Kihei Charter School has announced that school registration parent information sessions are scheduled for Wednesday March 7Thursday March 15Tuesday March 20 and Wednesday, March 28. All parent information sessions will be held at the Maui Research and Technology Park at 590 Lipoa Parkway, suite 119, Kihei. All parent information sessions begin at 5 p.m.

Applications are due on March 30 by 4 p.m. and may be dropped off at the front desk of either the Kihei High School located at 300 Ohukai Road, #C210, or at the Middle School located at 41 E, Lipoa Street in Kihei. Students from all areas of Maui are eligible for registration in the school. After applications are submitted a lottery will be held on April 5 to determine enrollment.

Namau’u expressed her support for the Kihei Charter School and the knowledge she gained form her visit. “I’m excited by what I see here,” she said.

“I like the idea the school is not a traditional classroom…they are being very innovative with their resources. Students are going to UH Maui College to get dual credits,” she said.

When asked about parents registering their children for the Charter school Namau’u said, “If they are interested in more of a nontraditional atmosphere and looking at teachers and administration offering a different way of learning and allowing students to be very hands on. It seems very community oriented as well. Giving back to their community. If they’re are looking for that different kind of a learning environment then maybe Kihei Charter School is an opportunity for them.”

Belmonte said that when Governor Ige was a State Senator he was very influential and supportive of Charter Schools starting in Hawai`i.

“As a parent who has a freshman in high school who enjoys hands on learning I have always had that thought in the back of my mind to consider the Charter School as a possibility, so again definitely will highly recommend Kihei Charter School as an option to students,” she said.



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