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Installation of 35 Ton Concrete Walls Mark 2/3 Point in Kihei Charter School Construction

With the help of a large crane workers carefully maneuver a 35 ton, 30 foot high concrete wall into place as the construction of the Kihei Charter School continues on schedule for a fall opening. The wall is one of 20 that are being built on site and lifted into place for the new school. / Courtesy of the Kihei Charter School administration

It could have been an old-fashioned barn raising except the size of the walls sent the message that something big was happening. The Kihei Charter School is moving from foundation to walls as the school begins to take shape in the Maui Research and Technology Park above Piilani Highway in Kihei.

Looking almost as if they could have come from the opening scenes of the science fiction movie “2001,” the walls are 30 feet tall and 18-22 feet wide. They weigh an average of 35 tons each.

According to Gene Zarro, CEO of the South Maui Learning Ohana (SMLO) that operates the free no tuition public school the walls mean the new school is two-thirds of the way toward completion. He notes that, “Family Information sessions about the school will start towards the end of February with the first application period being the month of March and the first lottery the first week of April chosen from those whom have submitted complete applications. Anyone living on Maui is eligible to apply. Check the school website for updates”

The tilt up walls are first poured in molds laying flat on the ground at the school site. Then, after they are dry and cured for five days they are ready to be lifted into place and joined with other similar walls.

A large construction crane lifts the concrete wall after construction workers have attached the wall to the crane via chains and then carefully worked to set the wall into its proper place after it has been flown in by the crane.

There will be 20 walls put into place in total for the 3-story school. Tilt up walls reduce the time and cost to build the charter school, according to Terry Fulton, Superintendent on the Job for the general contractor F&H Construction.



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