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Sheriff Division Arrests 123 Offenders in September

During the month of September 2017, the Sheriff Division Special Operations Section Fugitive Unit arrested 123 offenders and cleared 153 total warrants state-wide.

The warrants included 50 Felony Grand Jury Indictments, 17 Parole Violators, 17 Probation Violators, 16 Criminal Warrants, and 53 Traffic Warrants.

So far this year, there have been 1,209 fugitive arrests. The Sheriff Division Special Operations Section Fugitive Unit works tirelessly each day to track, locate, and apprehend wanted felons and fugitives while also providing vital law enforcement services such as K9 explosive detection, tactical response to critical incidents to State and County agencies on every island, as well as transport services for high-risk prisoners.

If any individual think they may have a warrant that they would like to clear, or has information on any of Hawai`i’s most wanted, contact the Sheriff Fugitive Unit at 808-587-3623.

The public is reminded that Sheriffs do not call people about warrants having to do with jury duty.  They will never ask for personal information or solicit payment over the phone.  Hawai`i residents are also advised not to provide credit card numbers or other personal information to callers claiming to represent a law enforcement agency or the courts.

If you receive a call matching this scam please alert the Sheriff Division by calling 808-586-1352.



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