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400+ pound marlin caught off Ka’anapali coast

PC: Jonelle Watson
It seemed like an ordinary Saturday for Maui resident, Robert Malacas and his son, Josh Malacas, who regularly fish in Lahaina, near the Sheraton Hotel. But on this particular Saturday, there was something special in store for this father and son duo.

“My son (Josh) threw out his pole around 4:00 pm and then something hit his pole shortly after,” said Malacas. At first, they thought it was the waves since the shorebreaks were larger than normal. Then all of a sudden, Malacas said he saw what looked to be a marlin surf a wave in close to shore.

“This cannot be… a marlin on the shoreline,” Robert Malacas recalls.

He quickly ran to get his throw net, telling MAUIWatch, “as soon as the fish was near the shore, I threw my net over it and some tourists standing nearby came to help us pull the fish on to the sand.”

When the fish was finally on shore, the father and his son realized they had brought in a marlin using only a net.

“It was so big, so unbelievable,” shared Malacas.

He, along with seven additional people, then dragged the fish to his truck parked across the street. They drove the marlin to the Lahaina harbor where it weighed in at an incredible 433.8 pounds.

PC: Jonelle Watson

“Bringing in a 433-pound marlin from shore is definitely not an ordinary day,” said Robert Malacas.

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He plans to divide up the fish and give it to those who helped him and share the rest with his family. Malacas said it was such an amazing experience… “my adrenaline is still running high!”



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