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Results: ‘Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over’

The Maui Police Department partnered with the State Department of Transportation and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaign which ran from August 16 to September 4, 2017. 

“Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” is a campaign aimed to prevent traffic crashes that result in death, injury and economic loss in our community due to impaired driving. 

During this twenty day campaign, police set up twenty-eight intoxication control checkpoints in various locations throughout Maui County.  In addition police increased dedicated traffic enforcement saturation patrols using both marked and unmarked police vehicles.  All traffic laws were strictly enforced during this campaign with an emphasis being placed on impaired driving.  The results of this traffic enforcement campaign are as follows:

Operating a Vehicle Under the Influence of an Intoxicant arrests – 55

Uninsured Motorist citations issued – 214

Driving without a Driver’s License citations issued – 173

Speeding citations issued – 197

Mobile Electronic Device (cell phone) citations issued – 85

Miscellaneous traffic violation citations issued – 931

Total Traffic Citations issued – 1,600


We will continue to patrol our roadways diligently and strictly enforce traffic laws.  Intoxication Control Checkpoints will be utilized throughout our community on randomly selected nights at various locations.    

Too many families have already been devastated by the tragic, preventable deaths of loved ones in impaired driver related crashes.  The Maui Police Department will not tolerate impaired driving in our community.  Our goal is to gain the voluntary compliance of all traffic laws by presenting an unmistakable show of force and arresting impaired drivers who put lives at risk.

While our dedication to combat drunk driving continues to make our roads safer, the use marijuana and prescription drugs are increasingly prominent on our roadways, creating serious safety concerns.  Someone doesn’t have to be on illegal drugs to be impaired.  Some prescription and over-the-counter medications can also cause impairment and affect your ability to drive.  If you’re taking medications, make sure you read the labels and talk to your doctor or pharmacist before deciding to drive.    

The Maui Police Department’s Traffic Division and DUI Task Force Unit would like to thank our community for being supportive of our traffic enforcement efforts.  We would also like to thank those who have helped us save lives by driving responsibly and using or being a designated driver. 



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